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Information for Parents

Dear Mr. and Mrs,

we have created this page to give every interested child the chance get informed about our three main topics: biology, chemistry and physics.

Every experiment just needs material that are found in standard households, like for example a spoon, a glass, a stick, salt or water.

There are no experiments which could endanger your child!

If you want, you can even join in an experiment and do it together with your adventurous child and after this you can try to explain the result of the experiment together or read along our explanations. Perhaps you will learn some new facts about our subjects.

But in general, this website is created in order to provide a website, which can be used by your child without parental-control. does not contain any advertisements, links to not child-oriented websites or content, which could endanger your child.

We invite you to visit as well the educational website of our team.

We wish you a lot of fun!

Thank you for visiting