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About Wiki


What is Wiki

In order to explain our experiments scientifically correct, it is necessary to use some scientific terms. We are aware that not every child knows the meaning of these terms. Therefore we explain them in Wiki. Also if you know the term, you can look it up to gain new knowledge or maybe more detailed information about scientific terms.

Every term, which is used in experiment descriptions or explanations is linked with Wiki. Also the Wiki articles are linked if we use scientific phrases to describe the term adequate.

How to use Wiki

Wiki is created to use it in two different ways.

The first way is, to use Wiki to complement the experiment articles. Read along the experiment articles and if you do not know a particular phrase, look it up. Also if you search for more detailed information of terms, you already know, use the Wiki directory.

The second way, to use Wiki, is to search for scientific phrases and terms. If you find an article about this term, you can be sure of finding an experiment, which belongs to this term. Therefore Wiki can be used as an directory for experiments and topics.