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Test your taste

Challenge your sense of taste.


- two spoons
- an apple
- a potato


Peale the potato, cut it in pieces and do the same with the apple. Place a piece of potato on the one spoon and a piece of apple on the other. Try to choose equal pieces.

Close your eyes and ask somebody to hand you a random spoon, with the sample on it. Try to figure out, which sample it is.

Repeat the experiments with closed eyes and by holding your nose. Can you distinguish the samples?


By holding your nose it is harder to distinguish different tastes. This sounds strange, but the your nose and mouth are connected. The airway is connected to your mouth and nose as you can use both to breathe. Therefore your sense of taste and smell is connected and they are depending on each other. By holding your nose you are blocking your sense of smell and therefore also your sense of taste. In fact: Holding your nose makes it almost impossible to distinguish the piece of potato and apple, by focusing only on the taste.