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Arrest Matrix

Arrest Matrix using the effect of afterimages.



- the graphic in below in the instructions


Stare at the red shape of Matrix next to the cage. Slowly count to 20 and after look on the center of the cage.

What can you see and which color has Matrix inside the cage?



The Matrix inside the cage is a so called: afterimage. Your eye is responsible for the projection. Your eye is like a sensor that recognizes light in order to send the information to your brain. Therefore what you see is the information that are transmitted by your eyes. Actually in the back of your eye there are many cells (little senors) that recognize light. These cells can get used to incoming information such a the nerves on your skin get used to the clothe your are wearing. You get used to the cloth and do not fell like something is touching you all the time. After counting to 20 the cells in the back of your eye get used to red and stop sending the information to the brain again and again, when you focus now on the cage the white light is reaching your eye and red part of the white light is not recognized the first seconds. Therefore you see the shape of matrix inside the cage.