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Make your own rain

Let's create your own weather.

Rain is an important word and natural process in our everyday life. Everyone of you will know several words with rain, for example the rainbow, rain forest, raindrop, or the raincoat for rainy days. In some regions of the earth is more rain than in other regions and the nature has to adapt. That’s why a lot of things in life are dependent on the rain. But what things are dependent on the rain? You can say that life would not exist without rain. It is really impossible. The whole ecology and economy needs the rain because if there is no rain the plants will not grow, the farmers will have no harvest because of aridity, there will be no food, the humans will have no water for drinking, cooking, washing, the animals will have nothing to drink and the plants will not grow. The system on earth will crash without rain. But don’t worry; the rain will not "leave" us. If you have got a sunny day without any clouds, if you live in an arid region (arid = dry) or you only want to experiment here is the chance for you to make your own rain.

For your rain you need:

A glass, a plate, water and ice cubes.

At first you must fill in 0,3 l of water into a pan. Then ask for help from an adult to heat up the water until it is steaming. When it steams turn off the cooker and put the hot water into a glass until it is 1/3 filled. Just wait a minute that the hot water and the glass can adapt to each other. Now you put the plate on the top of the glass. Afterwards you put the ice cubes on the plate and slowly you can see what happens inside the glass. Water drops will run down inside the glass and you can see your own rain!

How does it work? At first there is the differential between the cold plate and the hot water. The function of the cold plate is to support the clamminess in the warm air (because of the hot water). The cold air and warm air meet in the glass and now the water drops, rain begins to develop. If you transfer it to the nature you can say that the warm atmosphere rises and meets the cold atmosphere, because warm air rises always. The water vapor begins to condense and the rain begins to fall down and maybe drops on your head - don't forget your umbrella.