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about us

Welcome to!

Our team consists of young people aged 18-25 years, who are part of the European project "youth in action".  We are volunteers from all over Europe, working for the non-profit organization Experimental TES on Chios Island. Our goal is to provide educational content for free on the internet. One of many websites is, which is our "science-website". We publish articles, instructions, animations, videos and pictures of experiments for young people, who are interested in science.

It is a great chance to combine the children's wish to explore effects of our everyday life and the teacher's and parents'  wish to make their children learn more about topics like biology, physics and chemistry.

Of course none of the experiments on contain dangerous instructions. Our aim is to give also young children the chance to do experiments: learning by doing.

We also try to explain effects by using animations and videos to show and explain more complex experiments.

At last, we wish you a lot of fun with our website and thank you very much for visiting!